Thursday, 11 May 2017

Detecting Female Breast Cancer Earlier: Meet Eva

Yes, it is now safe to say we live in a "sensory driven world" and many of the new products launched nowadays are or can be controlled by our senses. Full circle or not, back in the days of Lemuria, where this ancient civilization communicated with their surroundings, solely through the use of their senses. Whether rumor or fact, here is another interesting point to ponder on.

Well, a Mexican biosensor developer (18yrs old) a breast cancer detection bra prototype, called Eva. it looks like a sports bra, but is equipped with sensors to map the surface of the breast and surrounding areas along with texture, color and temperature.

Since cancerous tumors bring increased blood flow to the skin that can change the temperatures, Eva was designed to be worn an hour to 90 minutes per week to track any changes over time. Through regular tracking and logging in an app, Eva could be used to alert the wearer of any changes and prompt them to visit their doctor. Eva still hasn’t been tested, but the idea is promising enough.
 "We know that tumors often have an abnormal system of blood vessels, but we also know that increased blood flow isn't necessarily a reliable marker of cancer,” Cancer Research UK’s Anna Perman told BBC News. 
NB: There is another company which has been working on a similar breast cancer diagnosic wearable, called the Cyrcadia's iTBra.
Stay tune for further updates.

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