Thursday, 11 May 2017

Dialysis Treatment at home, amazing or what?

Has your kidney stopped functioning? And you cannot get a transplant or manage to travel back and fought three times a week to your Kidney Dialysis Centre? Then, your life is seriously at risk and needs urgent attention. Most likely, you will be happy to hear about Tablo Dialysis Machine, from Outset Medical. 

Every year, roughly 450,000 patients undergo dialysis treatments three times a week across 6,500 clinics in the US, resulting in 72 million dialysis treatments a year. Likewise, in the UK, approximately 40,000 patients receive dialysis or Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) each year. This type of medical care (or therapy) cost approximately £58 million in the U.S. and £6.2 million in the U.K.
Whether, there is a better cost efficient solution available or not is yet to be proven, but recent data has overwhelmingly indicated that Home Dialysis Treatment is the future. 

According to, Leslie Trigg, Outset Medical's CEO. "Tablo was developed as a consumer product so anyone above 5th grade can [operate] it." The product is also connected to the cloud, so data can be delivered and stored and analyzed by healthcare providers. In the future, Tablo wants to make that data easily accessible and understandable to patients themselves. This ultra modern dialysis machine can be placed at district hospitals, local GP surgeries or in the home and can potentially cut the cost of Renal Replacement Treatment by up to 50%. Dialysis Treatment has finally been propelled to the 21st Century. 

Tablo is a unit about the size of a minifridge, which already sets it apart from larger traditional dialysis machines. Unlike current machines that have to start with purified water, which requires a massive amount of infrastructure at hospitals, Tablo can bring in tap water and purify it as part of the process. It has also been completely redesigned to be easier and faster to set up and it contains a touchscreen which displays instructions, as well as education and entertainment content.
Some of the biggest advantages of "Tablo" is, it has a proprietary algorithm designed to automatically remove air from the dialyser and the blood lines quickly. The setting-up steps are automated, so set up is a lot quicker than traditional machines. Furthermore, it is so simple to use, there is no need for assistance from a nurse or healthcare professional. Pending FDA clearance will make the "Tablo" home friendly soon. 
Stay tune for further updates, as you may be able to buy the Tablo machine on care-mart e-store.

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